John Setina, Founder

Inventor, Craftsman, Businessman

Setina Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded in 1963 by John R. Setina. Mr. Setina had 17 years previous experience as a Vehicle Repair Specialist with the Washington State Patrol Automotive Division. He also owned his own body repair business when the State Patrol recognized his expertise and recruited him. While performing his duties in designing and building roll bars for the Washington State Patrol Cadet Driver Training Program, John saw the need for officer protection while transporting prisoners, and the need to reinforce the vehicle in the event of an accident.

With his inventive spirit and exceptional engineering ability, John Setina began working tirelessly on his idea evenings and weekends in his garage. At this time, John designed the first Setina products and received his first patent, with many other patents to follow.

Although John is no longer with us, his legacy continues with the integrity and old-fashioned family values he so strongly believed in. Setina Manufacturing Company carries on as one of the most respected names in law enforcement equipment, setting industry standards through technological advances and innovative design.

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